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Founded in Soho, New York, Modo has risen to design and distribute contemporary lifestyle brands that remain on the edge of innovation . Modo does style with a cause with it’s initiative “Buy a frame, give a frame.” When you purchase a pair of glasses from Modo, you also provide a free pair to someone in need. This brand is perfect if you’re looking for a purchase that offers both style and purpose.

The Eco Brand, like Modo, supports a cause with the “One frame, one tree” model. So if you’re looking to support the environment, sporting a pair of these Eco frames is a fashionable way of accomplishing this! Additionally, Eco glasses are made of 95% recycled content and 63% biobased materials. The pillars of Eco: “Feel good,” “Look good,” and “Do good.”


Iconic eyeglasses are a declaration of belonging, style and attitude.




Oakley is founded on quality, function and innovation, resulting in eyewear with lenses designed exactly to your needs – in the most authentic Oakley way.